Garden Design Apps

Garden Design Apps


With so many plant variations, identifying one plant can be overwhelming since some almost look alike, you can’t tell one from the other. Thanks to technology, applications are now available to make our gardening hobby easier and more fun.

Garden design apps were created to help gardeners know how to properly tend to their specific plant.  It also helps gardeners identify unfamiliar plants. Whether you are just starting or exploring other plant species, garden apps are a must-have.

Useful Garden Applications

Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own gives earthlings advice on how to plant, what is the proper cultivation, what tools to use, how to harvest fruits and vegetables, and pretty much everything you need to know about gardening. This app also has an added feature of helping gardeners organise their daily plant parent tasks.



Leafsnap, given the name, was created to snap leaves and identify their species. It has an almost boundless library of every plant here on our striving planet. Leafsnap stores micro-detailed leaf images that provide the gardener with every piece of information they need to know about a certain plant.

My Soil

My Soil, as the name suggests, is an app focused on helping gardeners balance their soil compounds. Soil is one of the most essential contributing factors that either make or break the plant. Imbalance soil mixture can significantly tarnish the plant’s health. So, for those plant parents whose plants showing signs of problems, your soil is probably too acidic, lack pH balance or stores too much nitrogen. Thus, to know exactly what the problem is, add My Soil to your garden app library.


Garden Plan Pro

For vegetable gardeners, Garden Plan Pro is specially designed for growing produce. From herbs, fruits, vegetables, and the like, Garden Plan Pro delivers information that helps gardeners harvest beautiful produces. It also helps in planning garden planting areas and it gives useful tips for crop rotation, harvesting dates, and local weather analysis. It will help your plant grow at an optimal level.


Smartplant is for flower lovers. It is focused on growing beautiful blossoms. It identifies the kind of flora or fauna by simply taking a snap. It also allows users to create a schedule for plant care, it provides personalised advice specific to your current data. Smartplant will help your beloved blooms flourish and blossom a magnificent eye candy. On top of that, Smartplant has horticulture experts available to garner some expert advice.


This app is not only for plant care tips but for helping you architect your garden landscape. iScape will give you some design tips and tricks to help you start your little landscape project. Just upload a photo of the area or your garden and the AR will analyse your image and give you a visualisation of its potential. It is for gardeners who DIY anything and everything.

Home Outside

Home Outside are intended for experienced plant parents. This app guides gardeners to mock up a design in ways professional gardeners do. It helps plant parents plan their plant’s arrangements and colour scheme while allowing users to make use of their hand-drawn elements to upscale their garden design.


Home Design 3D Outdoor and Garden

Home Design 3D is the AutoCAD of home gardening. It lets users create 3D images of their visionary garden design to have a better look and basis for it. You can also create fence designs and incorporate outdoor furniture in your 3D model to help you stay on the right track on your garden project.  This app is well  regarded and used by the most popular building maintenance company from Perth, WA  –   JCA.



Garden Tags

Garden Tags is useful for those who already have a solid garden. It helps plant parents organise their daily plant assignments and keep track of their plants’ growth. Garden Tags will give you personalised plant care tips and tricks to help your flora and fauna thrive better. Just simply log every plant you have in your garden and leave the thinking to Garden Tags.


Why not make use of technology to help restore the planet one plant at a time? If you are just starting or have been a plant parent for years, these garden apps take away most of the stressful technical plant care research.